Comcast Wants to Turn Your Roku Into a Cable Box

Comcast Wants to Turn Your Roku Into a Cable Box

Comcast Wants to Turn Your Roku Into a Cable Box

In April 2016, Comcast said Xfinity cable customers would be able to forgo an expensive cable box before the end of the year and use a Roku box instead.

Users of newer-model Roku devices who also subscribe to Comcast internet and TV service, and have compatible gateways, can watch their channel lineup live on their Roku and access their Xfinity VOD library, as well as their X1 Cloud DVR service if they have it. As Variety notes, Comcast now charges $9.95 per month for additional devices, but offers a $2.50 credit for users who already have equipment like a TiVo set-top box.

Initially, Roku is offering the Xfinity TV beta app to customers with Roku TV and all Roku players released in the last couple of years. It's nearly exactly what the FCC proposed as an alternative to subscribers having to rent set-top boxes monthly from their cable providers. That might give an indication of what Comcast will charge for Roku use, though Variety quoted a Comcast rep as saying that the company is "evaluating our additional outlet policies". "Rather, it is a Title VI cable service delivered exclusively over Comcast's private, managed cable network, so it will not count toward your Xfinity Internet Data Usage Plan".

Meanwhile, getting the app successfully tested and launched does open up a future possibility: Why not install it on any Roku, or other similar device, in the country? The app offers Comcast subscribers access to Xfinity programming through their streaming media players.

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Charging a cable box rental fee isn't new territory for Comcast, as they already charge customers $9.95 a month to rent one.

During the beta phase, however, at least one Comcast cable box must be in the customer's home somewhere.

Cable television subscribers now pay $9.95 per month to rent a box from Comcast, while others who use other boxes, TiVo, for example, receive a credit on their account for not renting one. Comcast has just released an app that lets subscribers ditch that equipment - kind of. This is also how a secondary outlet that connects to Comcast's network via a TiVo would be charged and credited.

Planning to participate in the Xfinity TV App beta testing? In the future, the app will not require a box, the company said. What it lacks, however, is the ability to rent or purchase content, and play a customer's previously bought content.

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