Navy: Special forces flew Trump flag in convoy

Navy: Special forces flew Trump flag in convoy

Navy: Special forces flew Trump flag in convoy

On Sunday, the group IndivisibleKY posted video online of a string of heavily armored military vehicles - one sporting a "Trump" flag - on the I-65 highway near Louisville.

The photograph in question came to the attention of the Navy on Saturday, according to Lt. Jacqui Maxwell, a spokeswoman for Naval Special Warfare Group 2 based in Virginia Beach, Va. Navy regulations do not permit unauthorized flags on vehicles. Maxwell also said an investigation has been launched to determine possible misconduct and, if so, "the appropriate administrative or disciplinary action" will be determined.

Maxwell said it wasn't immediately clear whether those involved were SEALs or support staff. Maxwell said the unit's commanding officer would decide what punishment is warranted if anybody is found guilty of wrongdoing.

Military regulations say personnel should avoid implying Department of Defense sponsorship or endorsement of any "political candidate, campaign or cause". "The flag shown in the video was unauthorized".

She said she did not know the potential penalties for the violation.

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Maxwell added that Fort Knox, located near Louisville, is used routinely by Naval Special Warfare units for training.

The Navy Special Warfare Command is part of the U.S. Special Operations Command, which is responsible for overseeing and conducting special operations and secret missions. Special Warfare units are another term for the Navy's elite SEAL teams.

The videos were widely circulated by Indivisible Kentucky, a newly formed political organization that is opposed to the Trump agenda.

It's common for military convoys of the likes captured on camera in Kentucky to display boutique flags on deployment, though it's rare for it to happen in the United States.

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