Russian Federation air strike 'accidentally' kills 3 Turkish troops in Syria

Russian Federation air strike 'accidentally' kills 3 Turkish troops in Syria

Russian Federation air strike 'accidentally' kills 3 Turkish troops in Syria

Three Turkish soldiers were killed when Russian airplanes carried out airstrikes in an operation against the Islamic State in Syria.

Russian Federation immediately deployed S-400 anti-aircraft missiles at Syria's Hmeimim airbase, weapons capable of striking targets up to 248 miles away; in other words, they could travel as far as Turkish airspace.

Both countries are conducting a joint investigation, Turkey's military said.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed on Thursday the accidental strike near the northern Syrian town of Al Bab, which had led to casualties among Turkish military personnel.

The Kremlin said that the leaders agreed after the incident to "enhance military coordination in the course of the operation in Syria against the Islamic State fighters and other extremist organisations".

Army General Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian General Staff, spoke on the telephone with his Turkish counterpart, General Hulusi Akaru, to discuss the situation around Al-Bab, and also expressed his condolences.

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Syria's army and its allies advanced towards the northern Islamic-State held city on Monday, cutting off the last main supply route that connects to militant strongholds further east towards Iraq.

The Kremlin said the incident took place owing to the "lack of agreement of coordinates during strikes by the Russian air force", AFP reported.

Turkey deployed its troops in the territory of Syria in August 24, 2016 in the sidelines of the operation called Euphrates Shield.

Moscow has been flying a bombing campaign in Syria in support of the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since 2015.

"According to initial information we received, it is a total accident but how it happened and how the coordination was miscalculated will be clarified".

Russia and Turkey only recently repaired ties after Turkey shot down a Russian jet near the border with Syria two years ago.

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