Trump's supreme justice pick feels "disheartened" over president's tweet attack

Trump's supreme justice pick feels

Trump's supreme justice pick feels "disheartened" over president's tweet attack

The Senate's top Democrat on Tuesday accused President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick of avoiding answering questions "like the plague" and dodging efforts to gauge his judicial independence during a meeting that deepened his concerns about the nominee. Uber sues Seattle MORE (R-Iowa) on Saturday said he looks forward to reviewing Gorsuch's questionnaire. On Thursday Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of NY upped the ante by demanding that Gorsuch go public with his criticism of Trump: "To whisper to a senator but to refuse to say anything public is not close to good enough to show an independence", Schumer said.

This week, for the fourth time, President Donald Trump attacked the credibility and authority of the federal judiciary because he did not like them opposing him.

Blumenthal's characterization of Gorsuch's comments were confirmed by spokesman Ron Bonjean, who's helping handle media relations for the Supreme Court nominee. In his decision, Gorsuch acknowledged the "mixed messages the federal government is sending these days about the distribution of marijuana", his familiarity with the complicated conflict between state and federal laws and confusion over the Cole and Ogden memos about marijuana policy issued Pres. Obama's Justice Department. Trump wrote in a Twitter post. They certainly did not express similar concern when President Obama made public statements clearly meant to influence the outcome of cases before the Supreme Court."I'm optimistic that the Supreme Court will play it straight when it comes to the interpretation", he said as the Justices deliberated King v. Burwell-implying that if the Court ruled against them, their decision would be illegitimate. "There were numerous White House staffers in the room, and he's made the same comment, as you just heard, to a number of my colleagues in their private conversation". Gorsuch has not made any public statements since his nomination was announced. "He said, "Any attack on any of" - I think his word to me was - 'brothers or sisters of the robe is an attack on all judges'".

At the heart of this crisis is how to interpret Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, which says the president "shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint" justices to the courts.

"He is free to speak his mind", Spicer said of Trump.

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A federal judge in Seattle, James Robart, last Friday put on hold Trump's January 27 executive order that temporarily barred entry to the United States by people from seven Muslim-majority countries and by all refugees.

Trump also has suggested that, by subjecting his order to legal and constitutional scrutiny, the judicial system might be putting the nation at risk. Over the weekend, the president labeled a judge who ruled on his executive order a "so-called judge" and referred to the ruling as "ridiculous".

Now, a three-judge panel in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is currently deliberating on whether Trump's executive order should be allowed to continue. Unlike Obama, Trump only needs a simple majority to confirm his executive-office nominees, thanks to a change in rules instituted by Democrats when they controlled the Senate in 2013. But Schumer, leader of the Senate Democrats, said the judge's comments were "mild" at best and "insufficient" in terms of showing independence. "Speaking to a group of sheriffs and police chiefs on Wednesday, the president said the appellate judges had failed to grasp concepts even 'a bad high school student would understand'".

But on Thursday morning, Trump asserted that Blumenthal "misrepresented" what Gorsuch told him. The president sent out another tweet falsely claiming CNN didn't ask Blumenthal about the controversy over his military record.

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