Flu deaths on the rise in Idaho

As the virus continues to sweep across the U.S.at epidemic levels, vaccine effectiveness level was 48 percent against acute respiratory illness from the end of November through February 4, according to an analysis of 3,144 people enrolled in the U.S. Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Network.

"Nobody likes needles, including dogs", said professor Martinez-Sobrido, who led the discovery of the team as well as other researchers from Cornell and University of Glasgow on how to make modified live influenza vaccines for dogs, or live-attenuated canine influenza vaccine. That amounts to overall protection of 48%, the CDC said.

Flu season is here with seasonal flu activity reported across Tennessee.

Doctors on the South Plains said they have see more cases of the flu in the last few weeks. "The prediction for the H3N2 virus was right on in terms of that particular virus continuing to be a dominant virus". The highest level is still in seniors, a group known to be hit hard by the H3N2 subtype.

"Unfortunately, we won't really know when it ends until it's over", Landers said. That occurred during the 2012-2013 season.

While 145 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed in the US, only a little more than one-third of children and adults under age 65 were immunized by early November. "We went for probably the past couple of weeks where it was 20 to 30 to up to almost 40 at the peak".

"It greatly increases the probability that the person who's immunized will not get the flu and therefore will not be able to spread it to others", Clay said.

"Influenza activity may have peaked where there were early peaks in the Northwest and on the West Coast", said Flannery.

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Among infectious diseases, flu is considered one of the U.S.'s leading killers. It is even more important for those at higher risk of getting the flu to get their flu shot, officials said.

The flu shot is an inactivated influenza vaccine.

The committee's decision is based on information from more than 100 countries, where influenza-monitoring centers conduct surveillance of circulating viruses. To do so, they consider which pathogens could be the biggest problems for the particular season.

During the 2015-16 season, vaccine effectiveness was 47 percent - similar to this season.

Flannery explained that there are differences depending on age or even the immune status of the person being vaccinated.

Much like their human brothers and sisters, dogs can catch the influenza virus and spread it to their furry friends.

"The younger, especially under 2 months", Dr. Bowman said.

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