Strenuous Workout May Kill Male Sex Drive

Strenuous Workout May Kill Male Sex Drive

Strenuous Workout May Kill Male Sex Drive

Additionally, men were grouped based on the strength of their libido. Sometimes males will reach a certain limit at which they feel completely overwhelmed by so much workout that they do not want to have sex. But since too much of a good thing is nearly always not good after all, smaller studies have pointed to long and intense workouts as having the potential to stunt testosterone levels, not only for the meantime, but also on a more sustained, long-term basis. Based on our data, we think they should be asking the man.

A groundbreaking new study has come to a surprising conclusion about common workouts: they may be totally wrong for men.

The study included three separate questionnaires: one featured intimate questions about the respondents sex life, another featured inquiries about the respondent's weekly workout routine, and a third featured general health and wellness questions. Some participants stated that they were cycling and running, while other were endurance athletes who were contacted by the team of researchers.

"Fertility specialists will often ask a woman about whether and how much she exercises", Hackney told the Times.

The study did say that heavy exercisers may tend to get too exhausted after prolonged workouts, or may experience a drop in testosterone, which could explain the lower libido.

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Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill surveyed 1,100 men aged 18 and older using a questionnaire to ascertain detailed information about their exercise training habits. They were then divided into groups of short and long workouts, as well as light, moderate or intense regimes.

But the research also showed, as previous studies have, that light and moderate exercise was linked with a stronger libido. The sex drive proved to be reduced due to the intensive effort. This also doesn't mean a direct cause and effect, but rather that there is a connection between exercise and sex drive, they say.

On the whole, exercise is believed to be better for anyone's sex life, and healthier overall, than not exercising at all.

"Exposure to higher levels of chronic intense and greater durations of endurance training on a regular basis are significantly associated with a decreased libido score in men", said lead researcher Anthony Hackney in a statement.

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