How To Check The Results Of Punjab Assembly Elections 2017

How To Check The Results Of Punjab Assembly Elections 2017

How To Check The Results Of Punjab Assembly Elections 2017

However, pollsters are divided about whether the Congress or the AAP will form government; while HuffPost-CVoter gives the AAP the edge in terms of seats, there is little to choose between the two in terms of voteshare.

It was, however, unclear which methodology the various agencies followed to reach the results as the Bombay high court had issued a clear ban on exit polls during the elections. CSDS-Lokniti is the oldest pollster and is also considered the most reliable by many political analysts.

No party is likely to get a clear majority.

The exit poll has predicted anywhere between 164-176 seats for the BJP, while the SP-Congress alliance is likely to get between 156-169 seats. Shah returned the fire by exhorting people to get rid of KaSaB (Congress, SP and BSP). The Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP combine was projected to be decimated in the State which it has ruled for a decade.

Apart from the ruling Congress and the main opposition BJP, the BSP and a number of independents and regional parties have also tried their luck in the hill state.

According to India Today exit polls, Congress will bag 9-13 seats, while BJP will retain 18-22 seats. Any small swing can turn the results either way.

The Akali Dal-BJP alliance has been in power in Punjab since 2007.

The debutant Aam Aadmi Party is making its way in Goa and Punjab and AAP leader Pankaj Gupta believes that the party will win 15 seats as against the prediction of five seats by various exit polls. The Samajwadi Party - Congress alliance is expected to get just 120 seats, down from the 252 seats the SP won in the 2012 Assembly elections.

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Manipur - with 60 seats - looks to be heading for a BJP government, reported NDTV. Thus, a hung assembly can not be ruled out here as well.

The exit polls have predicted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party would win in the crucial northern state of Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Uttarakhand.

The India News/MRC poll puts the Congress and AAP neck and neck at 55 seats each.

Times Now's exit poll gives the BJP a sharp edge over its rivals by projecting its win between 190 and 210 seats in Uttar Pradesh.

AAP has emerged as a strong third contender.

The India TV-CVoter poll findings said both the BJP and Congress were neck and neck - 29-35 seats - but short of majority in the 70-member house.

News 24-Chanakya: BJP – 53 seats, Congress 15, Others 2.

It would be now interesting to see, which party will form the government when the Election Commission will announce the result on March 11.

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