SC state vet urges precautions after Avian Influenza confirmed in Tennessee

SC state vet urges precautions after Avian Influenza confirmed in Tennessee

SC state vet urges precautions after Avian Influenza confirmed in Tennessee

The state veterinarian's office is collecting reports of sick birds after a strain of bird flu has been identified in the United States.

Officials in Barron County say low-pathogenic strains are not uncommon in poultry flocks and do not cause many clinical signs of the illness in the birds.

"When we have outbreaks of bird flu happening all over the world, we need someone with his background and knowledge in the office ASAP", said Marcus Rust, a member of Trump's agricultural advisory committee and chief executive of Rose Acre Farms, the second biggest USA egg producer.

A turkey farm in Wisconsin also reported a less serious case of bird flu, but it didn't require the culling of an entire flock.

Thompson and Olson said improvements to flu response include a new state poultry testing laboratory in Willmar, center of the Minnesota turkey industry, which produces more birds than any other state.

No human infections have been detected, and CDC considers the risk to public health from the North American H7N9 to be low, based on past instances.

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The affected flock has been euthanized and buried.

Given the deadly and potentially devastating nature of HPAI, experts stress that prevention and preparedness are essential because the virus spreads rapidly and flocks could be wiped out by the time the diagnosis is confirmed. "Avian influenza can travel in wild birds without them appearing sick".

Both cases in Tennessee were located along the state's southern border near Alabama, one of the country's top producers of "broiler" chickens for meat. Wild birds were less vulnerable to the disease, but when it reached a poultry flock, birds started dying immediately.

Tyson, the world's biggest chicken company, is "hopeful this is an isolated incident", spokesman Worth Sparkman said. Domesticated poultry within ten kilometers of the Giles County farm is under quarantine. "We cannot keep the waterfowl from coming to Georgia, but we can keep them and their virus from getting into our domestic poultry by practicing strong biosecurity".

"Wild birds carry influenza; we have always known that", Olson said.

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