Trump moves sanctuary city fight to front burner

Trump moves sanctuary city fight to front burner

Trump moves sanctuary city fight to front burner

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have regularly requested local authorities to hold immigrants living in the country illegally beyond their normal release date in order to facilitate their deportation.

The report was requested by President Trump through an executive order as part of a White House campaign to "better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions".

"Policy at the county jail is to notify ICE if someone is foreign born but that's the extent of our responsibility, and to give a release date if they inquire", said Sheriff Darnell, who said they used to hold people in jail, but after speaking with a legal advisor, they changed their protocol.

Cambridge is listed as one of five uncooperative municipalities in Massachusetts-including neighboring Somerville and Boston-which "will not honor ICE detainer [s]".

Trump's executive orders, ICE raids-including actions taken in February that rounded up 683 purported undocumented immigrants, which Trump hailed as a "military operation"-and bills working their way through the General Assembly are arriving on top of an existing program known as 287 (g), named for a 1996 portion of federal immigration law".

Elected by a wide margin in November - largely given her vow to end her predecessor's enthusiastic cooperation in aiding ICE in detaining people suspected of being undocumented - Travis County Sally Hernandez has adopted a more nuanced approach to enforcing immigration policy at the local level.

Reached on his cell phone late Tuesday, ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok said he did not immediately know the specifics of the Weld case, and he declined to respond to Reams' complaints.

Even though Triangle cities don't now refer undocumented immigrants who get arrested to ICE, many such people spend each day afraid of what an interaction with authorities may bring.

If immigration agents come to a person's workplace, Schwartz said, they can ask if they are being detained. Fifty-six of the people ICE wanted were linked to some form of assault; 40 had DUI charges or convictions. But the report - which was issued without giving local law enforcement agencies an opportunity to provide feedback, or to even review ICE's data - appears to contain inaccuracies.

The Alameda County Sheriff disputes this claim, however.

Rep. Larry Metz, R-Yalaha, is sponsoring HB 697 and said he wants to improve the enforcement of existing federal immigration laws.

In a past report acquired by the Texas Tribune and disseminated by the Center for Immigration Studies, Santa Clara County led the nation for detention requests denied for the period of January 1, 2014, through September 30, 2015. Keller says the county never gets to the point that it has to decline a detainer due to the frequency and quality of its relationship with ICE. "We applied the new policy to all those we had in custody, and it wasn't just on detainers received during that week".

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Officials in Philadelphia and Chester County said their records did not match the report in two of the cases cited in Monday's report.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) on Tuesday questioned the constitutionality of ICE detainers and the truthfulness of the DHS report.

Magill said the jail's contract with ICE has nothing to do with how local law enforcement conducts its work. One asks law enforcement authorities to hold someone for up to 48 hours after they would otherwise be released.

Proponents of santuary cities say their policies promote safer communities and trust between the police and the public, and preserve families.

King County was also on the list for the same reasons.

ICE issues two kinds of detainers, Wiebe said.

Unlike many politicians, however, most of the nation's sheriffs, who operate about 85 percent of USA jails, are supportive of Trump's efforts to deport the many illegal aliens within our borders.

"I believe that, constitutionally, local governments can not be forced to comply, to help ICE", Sánchez said Tuesday.

"In this particular situation, they weren't able to come up and pick up the inmate so they were asking us to hold the person past the date of February 3, and we refused to do so", Reams said.

Over the past year, the Inquirer, the Daily News and have uncovered corruption in local and state public offices, shed light on hidden and risky environmental risks, and deeply examined the region's growing heroin epidemic.

"If we engage in activities that have a tendency to allow people to be victimized at higher rates because we are policing of federal laws, shame on us", Axtell said, adding he's concerned about immigrants being victimized if criminals feel they won't face punishment.

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