Why Your Next iPhone or Galaxy Phone Might Cost More

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 last fall with expectations of gaining a higher market share owing to the huge popularity of its Note range, but that was not to be the company's destiny.

Samsung may have recalled the Galaxy Note 7 in October after battery issues caused some to explode or start fires, but the company may not be done with the model yet.

New update will force the Galaxy Note 7 to never charge at all, which means the device will only be of used when they are plugged in.

Until now, Samsung's plans were unclear for the recalled phones, which could pose environmental hazards if handled as waste. WIRED has contacted trading standards in the United Kingdom to ask whether the devices going to be re-sold in the United Kingdom and we will update this story once a response is received.

You probably weren't aware of this since it's the best-kept secret in the smartphone industry right now, but Samsung is on the verge of unveiling two brand new Android flagship phones.

This appears to be part and parcel of an overall recycling plan that involves removing and reusing phone components and extracting and recycling metal from the phones.

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Is this decision a much-needed PR win for Samsung ahead of the Galaxy S8 launch this week? or does the firm risk more embarrassment?

"Samsung will not be offering refurbished Galaxy Note7 devices for rent or sale in the US", the rep said. The application filed explained that the name would be for personal information management software, mobile and PC apps with voice recognition, and for mobile phone software that allows hands-free use.

It now looks like Samsung is also planning to join in on the fun.

In other Galaxy Note 7 news Monday, Mashable reports that the few holdouts who haven't returned their phones to the company will no longer be able to use the devices.

"People around the world signed petitions, emailed Samsung's CEO, demanding Samsung act responsibly, and finally Samsung has listened", said Greenpeace USA Senior Campaigner Elizabeth Jardim in an emailed statement.

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