Carolina 'Bathroom Bill' Experience Could Doom Similar Bills Elsewhere

Carolina 'Bathroom Bill' Experience Could Doom Similar Bills Elsewhere

Carolina 'Bathroom Bill' Experience Could Doom Similar Bills Elsewhere

Will the compromise Gov. Roy Cooper signed Thursday quash the furor that made businesses, sporting events, conventions and entertainers pull out of the state in a yearlong economic backlash?

HB2 had invalidated any local ordinances that protect gay or transgender people from discrimination in the workplace or in public accommodations. Cooper goes onto say the deal isn't ideal, but it repeals HB2 and begins to fix the state's reputation. "This is not a flawless deal, and this is not my preferred solution", he said.

The Associated Press' Emery P. Dalesio and Jonathan Drew reported Monday House Bill 2 would potentially cost North Carolina $3.76 billion over 12 years if not repealed.

The bill is a compromise agreed to Wednesday by Cooper, and two of the state's Republican legislators, was approved by the House and Senate after contentious debate.

The NCAA had set a Thursday deadline for the legislature to change HB2 or be further excluded from hosting events through 2022.

"If we could have props in here, I'd take a basketball covered in money and roll it down the middle aisle there." said Republican Rep. Carl Ford. The signal is that the angry discussions over LGBT rights and bathroom protections haven't ended with the repeal law, he said.

"The truth remains, no basketball game, corporation, or entertainment event is worth even one little girl losing her privacy and dignity to a boy in the locker room, or being harmed or frightened in a bathroom", said Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the NC Values Coalition in Raleigh and an outspoken supporter of HB 2.

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The Atlantic Coast Conference relocated championships to neutral sites due to the bill with the NCAA following suit by relocating all seven previously awarded championship events from North Carolina during the 2016-17 academic year.

The current law requires transgender people to use public bathrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. The site selection committees began meeting this week and are scheduled to announce their decisions on April 18. Civil rights groups opposed the deal because of that provision.

"Nobody made the decision to leave North Carolina casually", Emmert said. "North Carolina has always had a great national reputation for being a progressive state".

Today, the North Carolina Senate voted 32-16 to pass the bill, and the House voted it through by 70 to 48.

Carcano says this proposal doesn't repeal House Bill 2 but only replaces it with a "new form of violence" against LGBT people and is sacrificing "our lives and our safety for the sake of basketball". Just as with North Carolina lawmakers, the sports organizations were most likely looking for a quiet exit - and this bill provides at least that much.

"It troubles me today that we are doing this in this manner", Jones said. His support will soon be proven as the bill, House Bill 142, makes its next and final stop on his desk. "They want to make sure their students, their staffs and fans are having an experience that provides a safe and inclusive environment that represents what they care about as institutions".

The initial legislation in North Carolina - a swing state that helped elect Republican Donald Trump president last November - featured prominently in the broader cultural war between conservatives and liberals in contemporary America.

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