Twitter Makes Changes To Limits When Replying

Twitter Makes Changes To Limits When Replying

Twitter Makes Changes To Limits When Replying

Let's say that I reply to a Tweet which has already tagged three other people, in this case, I would be left with only half the character-limit to actually put in my message, the rest will be counted against the username.

Twitter's 140-character limit for social media posts has helped it become the go-to source for news and quick bits of information. As a result, users will have more characters to have conversations.

Today's improvement also means a change of interface for Twitter users - information about to whom you are replying now appears above a tweet, rather than within it, something that should make understanding the flow of conversation easier in (previously confusing) multi-party Twitter conversations. Also, as part of the latest Twitter update, users can tap on "Replying to." to check and control who is part of the conversation. According to the post, Twitter is constantly looking for ways to make the site more user-friendly and helpful, and this is definitely a small but efficient way of doing that. It has also taken measures to combat abuse, such as new mute settings and better filters for tweets. That includes users you don't follow or users without a confirmed email or phone number, or that still have a Twitter egg as their profile picture. Just a year ago, it announced that the site would gradually shun the age-old 140-character limit for tweets, an aspect the microblogging service became popular for. These usernames counted against Twitter 140-character limit, so the more people who were included in a conversation, the less room there was for the contents of each tweet. Yes, Twitter stopped counting the number of characters in an username, thus creating an easy way to solve this issue. Twitter Replies is the third big update after the updates of introducing Retweet, and 140 characters of Tweet without any multimedia adds.

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently touched down in Dublin to talk about the company's current and future plans following years of financial uncertainty and questions over whether it is looking for a buyer.

Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) has again come under the limelight as it has rolled out a new update, to allow its users to pack more words into its tweets.

Currently, Twitter faces tough competition from Facebook and Instagram.

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