'Big mother of a snake' photobombs mum's snap of daughter

'Big mother of a snake' photobombs mum's snap of daughter

'Big mother of a snake' photobombs mum's snap of daughter

Bianca Dickinson and two of her children had been waiting at the bottom of the family's one-kilometre long driveway, in Kaniva near the Wimmera region in western Victoria, for her eldest children to arrive on the school bus.

Bianca Dickinson, from Victoria, Australia, assumed it was a piece of bark, but then she saw it move.

"Molly looked at the photo when I showed her and she just said, 'that's me, '" Dickinson told news.com.au. She asked her other children to look at her camera roll to see if she caught a snap of the snake.

And like anyone, was taken aback when she spotted slithering photo-bomber.

The mother explained her children "fell into" modelling, so she dresses them in their nice clothes and takes candid photographs of them for brands.

'The photo still makes me have heart failure, ' Ms Dickinson said.

It's not known if the snake was an eastern brown or a king brown.

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Molly (second from right) with her mother and other siblings.

"I checked her for bite marks still". "I can't believe it didn't touch her", Ms Dickinson says on Facebook.

She didn't realize she had captured the moment in her camera until she told her kids about it.

"It was horrifying - luckily it was over in seconds".

"We know that they are out there but I guess we don't have them come that close to us..."

After spotting the snake, she said, she froze to let it pass - and "luckily (Molly) copied me".

Little Molly still has no idea how much danger the two-metre predator posed, and continues to sleep peacefully. "The little girl probably picked the snake up, tied it in a knot, took it in the house and made antivenom, then made boots for her and a purse for mom".

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