Hyperloop One floats 11 potential routes for first U.S. system

Hyperloop One floats 11 potential routes for first U.S. system

Hyperloop One floats 11 potential routes for first U.S. system

Over 2,600 submissions were whittled down to 35 semifinalists from 17 countries; 11 of the finalists are from the US.

Today, executives from the Los Angeles-based startup Hyperloop One will gather in Washington, DC, to make two announcements: one is that its test track in the Nevada desert is finally complete and ready to host the first full-system test in the next few months; and the other is that Hyperloop One is eyeing less than a dozen regions in the United States as possible future locations for its ultrafast, futuristic transportation system. The presentation, made at the Newseum in Washington D.C., was heavy on Texas, which plays a prominent role in two of the proposed hyperloop lines.

The propulsion technology involves levitating pods that use electricity and magnets to move through a low-friction environment. It's has completed a 500 meter tube at its Nevada site that is 11 feet wide, and plans to test the propulsion, pod and sealed tube as a full-scale system - with no people aboard - in June or July. Estimated travel time? One hour 48 minutes. Another Colorado proposal includes a 242-mile route that would connect Wyoming to Pueblo.

Hyperloop One announced the finalists Thursday.

Hyperloop One was among the first companies to commit itself to seeing if the technology could be commercialized. It will transform transportation as we know it and create a more connected world.

The third team's plan is the Rocky Mountain Hyperloop Consortium, which would run from Houston to Cheyenne. Until now, the focus on where the first hyperloop will be built centered on Dubai and eastern Europe.

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Lloyd said if regulators are adversarial, the project won't work, so Hyperloop One will look for cooperative regulators. "Population is a big part of it, but not just population, but population growth".

Musk has never planned to build the project himself. "It's just the next generation of high-speed rail, except cheaper and faster".

According to Duong, even in a low-regulation environment like Texas, building any project of the proposed hyperloop's scale is hard, as exemplified by the opposition encountered by the high-speed rail line.

Hyperloop will gauge whether local governments, state officials and federal officials support each project, Lloyd said.

The Massachusetts Hyperloop One team is one of 24 teams vying to be one of three winners that will work closely with the Hyperloop One engineering and business development teams.

It doesn't mean that those 3 routes will get a hyperloop system, but their chances will be significantly higher.

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