Hackers turn on every emergency siren late at night in Dallas

Hackers turn on every emergency siren late at night in Dallas

Hackers turn on every emergency siren late at night in Dallas

Officials Saturday said the longest wait time at the 911 call center was six minutes.

Original: That was one way to bring the city together-the 156 sirens that stretch from the border with Lancaster all the way north of 635, ringing for hours for no apparent reason, all of your friends flocking to Twitter for the quips.

Dallas officials are trying to determine what caused the city's emergency sirens to sporadically sound overnight, including the possibility that the system was hacked.

In order to get the sirens to stop, the city had to disconnect the system, which had been triggered to activate the sirens over 60 times. The sirens started sounding at 11:42 p.m. Friday and continued until 1:17 a.m. Saturday. "We are putting in safeguards to ensure this type of hack does not happen again", the city said in a news release.

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"We shut it down as quickly as we could, taking into consideration all of the precautions and protocols we had to take to make sure that we were not compromising our 156 siren system", he said.

As the system is rebooted, officials said it is likely some sirens will go off again and asked the public to ignore them over the next day or two.

But the sirens weren't signaling the end of the world (or end of Dallas), and they were not malfunctioning, as early reports indicated. The system is still down and the city is relying on other mass notification systems including reverse 911 and social media for emergencies.

You! In the Emergency Management office!

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