Google home will feature the AI Assistant and multiple users

Multiple users could have access to the device that is placed in the home.

Google Home could be getting multi-user support - a feature that has always been desired by users.

Setting reminders, any calendar events are all unique to everyone, and with user authentication, Google home can pull out your personal details and reminders for you. The fact that Google Assistant can be used to order stuff through Google Express on Google Home devices implies that the search engine giant may well face similar issues of multiple users being able to order from the same account.

Google Home is about to get a lot more useful for the entire family.

In theory, Google Home would recognise your voice and immediately switch over to your preferred Google account.

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Both Amazon and Google are looking into how to make their smart speakers even smarter and more functional than they are now.

The Google Home Android app now notes that multi-user support will become available soon, albeit it doesn't specify just when the feature will go live in various countries where Google Home is available. The code also had references to a device being able to recognise your voice.

You can create multiple lists, then manage those lists with an option to designate one list as a primary list. Right now, you can only link Google Home to one Gmail account.

There is no info on that however, and we will have to see if Google will bring in a new mode of sales. As It stands, anyone who says "OK, Google" can summon Google Home. It will also give you suggestions about the oncoming multi-user profiles.

The function to support multiple users isn't active, so it seems that the update, picked up on by Android Police, may have been a little premature.

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