Here's Tony Romo In a Dallas Mavericks Uniform

If you wondered what Tony Romo looks like in a Mavericks uniform, here it is. It's the last game of the year and it doesn't look like Romo is actually going to see any National Basketball Association action, despite a courtside seat and a jersey. "Makes me feel special".

Romo was 2-4 in the playoffs, never reaching a Super Bowl and perhaps being best known for an infamous botched snap in 2007 that cost the Cowboys a chance to beat the Seahawks in a wild-card game.

The Dallas Mavericks are planning a tribute and "very special sports experience" for the retiring Cowboys quarterback before their final home game.

Romo was impressed with what he saw up close and in person from the speed and the athleticism the Mavericks displayed during the shootaround. "Standing here today, I feel a little embarrassed to be honest in the sense that you're lucky enough to be in position, that someone cares enough to do something to honor you". "I understand there's going to be a lot of Cowboys players at the game, too".

That didn't make accepting reality any easier for Romo, who sources say even asked that there be a "competition" for the job. "Sean [Payton] would call in and then eventually he passed the phone to Jerry [Jones], so you went through the whole gamut".

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"Believe it or not, man, when we were in the prime of our careers, I used to always talk about it: [Romo] could have easily been a professional basketball player", Butler told ESPN. You can put everything into it, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

"It's just not a good idea to take a football athlete and throw him in an National Basketball Association game", Mavs coach Rick Carlisle told

Why is anyone talking about Romo playing basketball? I can't say thank you enough. Butler told ESPN that Romo was quite the standout during his high school basketball days - so much so that Romo could've picked going to the NBA over the National Football League and Butler wouldn't think twice about the decision. "He's a scratch golfer, he was a first-team All-State (Wisconsin) guy in basketball in high school. and I'm sure he was ... probably great in everything he did".

"I'm gonna score 20", Romo joked.

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