April The Giraffe Finally Gives Birth In New York Zoo

The labor process for giraffes can be as quick as 30 minutes and usually wrap up within about two hours.

Barely into its first day of life, April's calf is already a YouTube sensation, with more than 561,000 YouTube viewers checking in to coo over the gangly baby at 11:24 a.m.

Congratulations to April the Giraffe! A logo on the feed quickly changed from ToysRUs to BabiesRUs following the birth.

The zoo plans to hold a contest to name the calf. April begins to clean the new arrival.

It seems that April was waiting for April. Saturday's birth should alleviate those criticisms.

The calf is April's fourth, but the park's first giraffe calf.

The little giraffe isn't all that little.

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Though details of the calf are scarce, the Associated Press notes, newborn giraffes typically weigh around 150 pounds and are about 6 feet at birth. The YouTube video is four hours long and is set to fast forward and begins playing once active labor and calf's hooves are seen.

For weeks, April commanded a captivated internet audience as she ambled around her pen, her protruding belly showing ripples of activity when the fetus moved inside.

The group posted on Facebook saying "Progression!"

Keepers continue to stress the fact that "there is no reason for worry about her or the calf's health".

The zoo says that all money raised will go towards animal care, and that extra funds will go towards improving their giraffe facilities and installing a permanent giraffe livecam. April's mate, Oliver is in an adjoining stall and can be seen pacing.

A man in Seattle developed an app to notify users the moment April gives birth. Stay on top of breaking news stories with the ABC11 News AppMore than 20,000 people watched the ABC11 Facebook live video of April's delivery. April has been pregnant for 15 months, the normal gestation time for a giraffe. By March 23, the park reported she had become notably slower, saying that April was "in the home stretch" of her pregnancy. "Made possible in part by their sponsorship, Animal Adventure Park will be donating $25,000 to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation!". We're waiting on word from Jordan Patch whether the calf will still be at the zoo on opening day.

YouTube briefly took the feed down.

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