Derek Jeter & Jeb Bush Team Up In Marlins Bid, Sources Say

Derek Jeter & Jeb Bush Team Up In Marlins Bid, Sources Say

Derek Jeter & Jeb Bush Team Up In Marlins Bid, Sources Say

Spokesmen for Jeter and Bush didn't respond to requests for comment.

The former Florida governor will combine resources with the longtime New York Yankees captain in an effort to purchase the team from owner Jeffrey Loria, the Miami Herald reported on Wednesday citing sources familiar with the negotiations. They initially had competing interests in pursuit of the team.

Jeter and Bush had previously been mentioned as suitors for the franchise, but had pursued the Marlins separately until now. Loria has been listening to offers for the team and have been rumored in discussions with different bidders for a couple of months.

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The price for the Marlins could be as much as $1.6 billion, according to Fox Business News, which could be a bit steep for Jeter alone: Jeter made $265 million during his playing career, though that doesn't count his numerous other endorsements and enterprises, including his publishing company. Because while, obviously, Bush and Jeter are wealthy men, the Marlins are likely to sell for over a billion bucks, and that's more than just pocket change. He's stepped away from baseball since then, launching The Players' Tribune and his own book publishing house, but a return to the game would be welcome among fans.

The ex-MLB supertsar has formed a business partnership with the ex-Florida Governor to strengthen their chances of buying the Major League Baseball franchise, according to the Miami Herald.

The 14-time MLB All-Star retired from the Yankees in 2014 and has said it is his "ultimate aspiration" to own a professional sports team. His family has strong ties to baseball too.

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